Forecast 2020 Agenda


Continental Breakfast: 7:45-8:20 a.m.
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8:20-8:45 a.m.
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Deborah Parenti, EVP/Publisher, Radio Ink
Mary Berner, President /CEO, Cumulus Media
Bob Liodice, CEO, Association of National Advertisers (ANA)
John David,
Senior Advisor, NAB & Forecast MC

8:45-9:30 a.m.
Economic Forecasting: Revenue Trends and Expectations for 2020
As “disruption” continues to be the buzzword in business, as technology pushes the economic and social envelopes, and with election battles rolling into high gear, 2020 is sure to be full of intrigue, surprises, and opportunities. And there’s the “R word.” Some believe a recession is not an “if” but a “when.” Forecast 2020 opens with a panel of experts to offer their perspective and informed opinions on what’s in store for the country and media in the near- and long-term future, as well as what categories, platforms, and initiatives are most likely to generate the biggest revenue growth, return on investment, and expansion in the upcoming roller coaster of a year.
Moderator: Gordon Borrell, CEO, Borrell Associates
Leah Casterlin, Founding Partner, Media Fortitude Partners
Patrick McGee, SVP/Political Strategies, Katz Radio Group
Jack Myers, Founder, MyersBizNet and MediaVillage
Andy Sippel, EVP/Media, Advertiser Perceptions

9:30-10:15 a.m.
Prospects for Radio as an Investment in 2020: The Real Street Talk
What will the Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversal of the 2017 FCC media ownership rules mean for the future of deregulation — and station sales? Depending on the outcome, the floodgates could either open wide, especially in midsize to smaller markets across the country, or a freeze could set in. Or something in between. What will radio look like under potentially greater deregulation? What will it look like to investors without it? Will they come forward to bite into some of the new opportunities? And how will this position radio as an investment as it faces enhanced competition from other audio options and platforms?
Moderator: Randy Michaels, Radioactive, LLC
Todd Hartman, Vice President, Kalil & Co.
Paul R. Homer, Managing Director, Northwood Ventures
Paul H. Miller, Managing Director, Cerberus Capital Management
Rose Oberman, Director/Corporate Ratings, S&P Global

10:15-10:30 a.m.
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10:30-11: 15a.m.
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Matt Britton: “Has Instagram Killed the Radio Star?”
Television as we know it will soon be no longer, yet content is the new king of Silicon Valley, as evidenced by Apple recently announcing a $6 billion investment in original content. The radio industry is now experiencing a parallel disruption that will create both opportunities and challenges in the years ahead. How are Gen Z’s audio consumption habits signaling the end of Radio 1.0? Where will advertisers look next for critical mass? What’s the expected impact of 5G on broadcast media and how could the evolution of the television model pave the course for a new era in radio? Matt Britton provides some fascinating insights on these and a heavy dose of reality to anyone interested in the future of audio.

11:15-11:45 a.m.
Proving Radio Works: Attribution and Measurement
It’s not enough for radio to boast that it is America’s number one mass reach media. Advertisers and agencies want proof of impact. They want evidence that radio can improve brand equity, drive people to their websites, and ring the cash register. Marketers want attribution and results measurement, and radio is now providing it! Meet the companies that are ushering in the “golden age of radio attribution.”
Moderator: Pierre Bouvard, Chief Insights Officer, Cumulus Media/Westwood One
Gary Getto, President/Founder, Advertising Benchmark Index – ABX

Tony Hereau, VP/Cross Platform Insights, Nielsen
Jeff Keenan, Co-founder/SVP of Media Attribution, LeadsRX
Tom Webster, Senior Vice President, Edison Research

Luncheon Program
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12:15-12:30 p.m.
Lifetime Leadership Awards Presentation: George Beasley

12:50-1:30 p.m.
John McLaughlin: “Can Trump Win?”

1:50-2:30 p.m.
Independent and Optimistic: Why Smaller Can Be Better — and More Profitable
The view from independent and small-market radio always provides an interesting perspective and eye-opening pulse on both Main Street and listeners up and down the dial and across the country. And that’s on an ordinary day. Add in the recent court ruling on the 2017 FCC media ownership rules and all eyes — and ears — are now tuned into these markets and their operators. What’s their take on how decision might impact further deregulation, and, depending on the outcome, what are the possible game plans? There are lessons to be learned from these deeply committed and experienced broadcasters who know how to turn challenges into opportunities at every turn. As the industry looks to a 2020 filled with economic uncertainty and thoughts of recession begin to take hold in the back of many minds, their perspective could offer the best advice to take into 2020.
Moderator: Erica Farber, President/CEO, Radio Advertising Bureau
Jonathan Brewster, CEO, Cherry Creek Media

Kristin Cantrell, Owner/CEO, CapCity Communications/7 Mountains Media
Tomás Martinez, CEO/Owner, Solmart Media

Kevin S. Perry, President/CEO, Perry Publishing & Broadcasting Company

2:30-3:15 p.m.
The Podcast Boom
It’s been years since anything captured the attention and the imagination of radio broadcasters the way PODCASTING has in 2019. Hear discussion and debate from some of the top executives in the podcasting business, as they cover today’s podcast landscape and their outlook for the future. They’ll share insights about talent development, brand building, and revenue strategies — and they’ll discuss how and why podcasting and radio are so closely aligned.
Moderator: Darren Davis, President, iHeart Media/Networks Group
Conal Byrne, President, iHeartPodcast Network
Meg Goldthwaite, Chief Marketing Officer, National Public Radio
Oren Rosenbaum, Digital Media Agent, United Talent Agency
Matthew S. Sacks, Founder and Executive Chairman, Luminary

3:15-3:30 p.m.
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3:30-4:15 p.m.
Bob Liodice: “Being a Force for Good to Drive Growth”
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Brands with a purpose focused on improving consumers’ quality of life outperform the stock market by 120 percent, a study by Interbrand found. ANA CEO Bob Liodice shares why brands and businesses looking to make a difference in society must deeply connect with the passions and values of their customers.

4:15-5:10 p.m.
Executive Leadership Session: Platform Aside, What’s the Future of Content?

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Fred Jacobs takes a unique look inside the corner office suites of radio broadcasting CEOs. Rather than the usual questions about the 2020 outlook, the advertising climate, and EBITDA, Fred opens the door to conversation about transformation – into podcasting, multi-media content creation, the development of young talent in the air studio and in sales cubicles, mentorship, and even what they do to get away from the day-to-day pressures of ratings and revenue performance.
Moderator: Fred Jacobs
Mary Berner, President/CEO, Cumulus Media
David Field, Chairman/President/CEO, Entercom Communications

5:10-5:15 p.m.
Closing Remarks

5:30-7:30 p.m.
Annual “40 Most Powerful People in Radio” Reception
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