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January 31, 2021

Business Growth Starts With Great Information

Radio Ink Forecast Provides the Most Accurate, Up-to-the-Second Data and Trends to Enable You to Plan for the Coming Year.

This conference gathers the smartest minds in broadcast and advertising to forecast trends, expectations, and revenues for the coming year. It is a must-attend event.

The platform has changed. The wealth of information, the data points, the need to share ideas and discuss the future of radio have not. 


"Radio Ink's Forecast 2021 was spectacular: It felt like two days of knowledge and insights were compressed into a few hours. Very actionable! As Ghandi said, 'Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.'"
- Pierre Bouvard, Cumulus Media/Westwood One

"From incredible speakers to real and relevant insight, Radio Ink's annual Forecast gathering is an absolute 'must attend' event for forward thinking leaders, decision makers and influencers working within and outside of the media industry! And this year's virtual event was no exception." 
- Caroline Beasley, Beasley Media Group

"I was impressed with the entire event. I specifically enjoyed the virtual platform, and I thought the overall program and panelists were very insightful. Megan Kelly did a great job, and the group heads are always super informative and shouldn't be missed. Hearing from so many women at Forecast this year was empowering. As always, you exceeded my expectations!"
- Cathy Csukas, AdLarge 

"Thank you for not letting this just not happen this year. I enjoyed it very much. Your team did an amazing job executing this event virtually. All of the sessions were very informative and helpful." 
- Ron Stone, Adams Radio Group

"You and the team did an outstanding job. I think that the program was great and went off technically well."
- Andrew Rosen, Miller Kaplan

"The best online event I have attended. Just enough time, great content, well produced. Great work!" 
- Jinny Laderer, vCreative
"Great Sessions! Eye Opening and Thought Provoking… Each session provided an honest view of where our industry is today, where it’s headed, and how we need to pivot to meet the needs of tomorrow.
- Danny Tankersley, WideOrbit
"The speaker lineup, production pieces and hosts stepped up big time in a virtual time of need for the industry. It was lively and informative while giving lots for the attendees to think about in contemplating 2021 and beyond.
- David Pearlman, Pearlman Advisors
"Forecast is one-stop shopping for an overview of where the industry is and where it is going. I gain information and knowledge that I use throughout the year and find myself quoting panelists and keynotes such as Matt Britton. This year’s virtual event was spectacular." 
- Heather Cohen, The Weiss Agency
"Thank you for a wonderful, informative conference. Excellent!!!!
- Jeanne-Marie Condo, Skyview Networks
"This was absolutely fantastic. The education was strong, and the platform was ideal." 
- Becky Brooks, Alliance for Women in Media


Borrell Has The Insights At Forecast Live

Gordon Borrell is armed and ready to give you the information on what local advertisers and agencies are planning in 2021. Outlook for 2021: What 944 Local Radio Buyers Are Planning is a not-to-be-missed session set for Radio Ink Forecast LIVE December 8-9.

Borrell Associates looked into a recently completed survey of 944 radio buyers and saw some major trends on how COVID has affected radio buyers and their marketing budgets. Gordon Borrell will share the information and offer insights at Forecast LIVE,

What Would You Ask John Fix?

John Fix, senior media analyst at Procter & Gamble — the iconic consumer package goods giant — where he is known as the “radio guy” is sitting down with Nielsen’s Brad Kelly for a conversation at Forecast Live, December 8-9. And you can be part of the conversation.

Radio As An Investment At Forecast Live

It's been a year of unprecedented challenges for the radio industry at large. For investors who wonder if a 100-year-old medium can still be a good bet for the future and if so, how. Register today for Forecast Live, December 8-9, and find out what is on the horizon for radio as an investment. The "Prospects for Radio as an Investment in a COVID Environment" session brings together the best and the brightest to provide information you need to plan for the coming “new normal" year.

Where We Go From Here: View From The Top

Overall, radio has received high marks for its nimble and adaptable reaction to meeting the needs of listeners and advertisers during a crisis of unmeasurable and unexpected proportions. How did radio leaders managed to navigate the storm that decimated advertising revenues, strained resources, shut down studios, and had staffs scrambling to set up remote office locations?

Revenue Trends/Expectations At Forecast LIVE

The brightest and the best minds will examine, dissect, and project revenue for the coming year at Radio Ink Forecast Live 2021. Forecast LIVE goes beyond numbers and inside sources and includes insights and analyses from outside experts to deliver a broader, more objective big picture view. Susan Larkin, COO of Entercom, will moderate the Forecast LIVE discussion Economic Forecasting: Revenue Trends and Expectations for 2021. 

Outstanding Lineup For Forecast Live

Be part of the 18th annual Forecast conference, presented virtually this year as Forecast LIVE. The event will play out over two sessions, Tuesday, December 8, and Wednesday, December 9. Here are a few of the names coming to Forecast LIVE! 

Forecast LIVE Looks At Consumer Trends

Matt Britton, Millennial, Gen Z, and consumer trends expert, is returning to Radio Ink’s Forecast LIVE. His keynote presentation will be part of Forecast LIVE, December 8-9.

Changing at the Speed of Sound is just one of the many informative session on the agenda. Registration is underway for Forecast LIVE, the virtual version of the industry’s premier event.

Megyn Kelly, Juliet Huddy On Media Bias

Media: Whose Voice Is It Anyway? is one of the informative discussions set for Radio Ink’s Forecast LIVE. Huddy, co-host of WABC’s Curtis & Juliet, sits down with Megyn Kelly, host of the podcast The Megyn Kelly Show and well-known journalist, attorney, and best-selling author, to discuss the future of media.

Forecast LIVE Exclusive: Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Media: Driven by Medicine
The Present and Future of an Industry Impacted by Health

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN chief medical correspondent, sits down with Mike McVay, leading industry content consultant and programming expert, at Forecast LIVE on December 8 for a fascinating interview that will explore the pandemic from many perspectives, including its medical, social, and economic implications. 

How Major Advertisers Are Using Audio In Their Media Marketing Mix

"What motivates an advertiser to go from zero to $100M in three years — and keep their foot on the gas during a pandemic?" — Brad Kelly, Nielsen Audio

At Forecast LIVE, December 8-9, Brad poses that question and more with one of the most knowledgeable and respected experts in the world of advertising: John Fix, senior manager and media analyst at Procter & Gamble. 

More agenda updates coming soon!













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