Use Your Voice Where It Counts

By October 8, 2021Updates

Broadcasters need decisionmakers who understand their challenges and will listen to their perspectives with an unbiased and well-informed mind.

FCC Commissioner Nathan Simington is that kind of person. He “gets it.” He appreciates the unique value proposition broadcasters offer communities across the country and the media environment in which they operate.

This FCC Commissioner wants to hear from you. Bring your tough questions for the Commission to Forecast in New York City. He’s ready to get you answers.

As a former senior advisor at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, Simington is well prepared to address the many items on the commission docket that will impact broadcasters in the years ahead.

And he offers a welcome ear for your input and concerns. “I want to know what you think, because it helps me to clarify how I think.”

This could be the only chance you get this year to express your views to someone who can impact and influence the fate of your business over the coming years.

Will you be there, or will you give up your spot to someone who may not see things your way?

Make your voice heard. Register for Forecast 2022 today.

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Register today for Forecast 2022. The venue is small – demand is higher than usual – don’t be left out due to a sellout!