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December 8, 2020

10-10:30 AM Eastern Time

Pre-Opening Special Interview
Media: Driven by Medicine

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Dr. Sanjay Gupta, CNN chief medical correspondent, sits down with Mike McVay, leading industry content consultant and programming expert, for a fascinating interview that will explore the pandemic from many perspectives, including its medical, social, and economic implications. What kind of grade does our industry get in regard to the ways in which we’ve handled the dissemination of information and commentary around COVID-19? And how do we prepare for whatever is next?

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

CNN Chief Medical Correspondent

Mike McVay

President, McVay Media Consulting
10:30-10:40 AM Eastern Time

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Deborah Parenti

EVP/Publisher, Radio Ink

John David

Senior Advisor, NAB & Forecast MC
10:40-11:30 AM Eastern Time

Economic Forecasting: Revenue Trends and Expectations for 2021

In what seems a lifetime ago, the buzzword at last year’s Forecast was “disruption.” Although predicted by our panel that “2020 is sure to be full of intrigue, surprises, and opportunities,” no one at the Harvard Club in November of 2019 had any idea just how disruptive 2020 would be — or why. More than ever, knowing where we may be headed, how election results and pressing social issues may change the mood and economic prospects for 2021 — and the implications all this may have for advertising revenues and trends — could not be a more important discussion. Plus, the chance to discuss and disseminate that information with experts and industry leaders. This is a session you definitely won’t want to miss.

Moderator: Susan Larkin

COO, Entercom Communications

Danielle Atanda

Managing Director/Business Lead, OMD, USA

Jeanne-Marie Condo

EVP/General Manager, Skyview Networks

Christine Travaglini

President, Katz Radio Group

Brian Wieser

Global President/Business Intelligence, GroupM
11:30 AM-12:15 PM Eastern Time


12:15-1PM Eastern Time
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Changing at the Speed of Sound

2020 is a year we will not soon forget. The consumer has now been changed forever, and with that, even further disruption to the entertainment and broadcast industries. Silicon Valley is slowly chipping away at Hollywood as the center of power, and new technologies like Zoom have made many question the future of office work and thus the traditional daily commute. The wild year that was will once again impact the audio category in ways once unimagined heading into 2021. How can your business model change at the "speed of sound" to tune in to growth moving forward? Don't miss Matt's session!

Matt Britton

Millennial, Gen Z, and Consumer Trends Expert
1-1:45 PM Eastern Time

How Major Advertisers Are Using Audio in Their Media Marketing Mix

Brad Kelly, Managing Director for Nielsen Audio, sits down with John Fix, Sr Manager/Media Analyst at Procter & Gamble, to discuss why marketers have made audio part of their marketing mix, where radio fits into the equation, and how analytics can make audio content more relevant in the future.

Brad Kelly

Managing Director, Nielsen Audio

John Fix

Sr Manager/Media Analyst, P&G

December 9, 2020

2-2:05 PM Eastern Times


Deborah Parenti

EVP/Publisher, Radio Ink

John David

Senior Advisor, NAB & Forecast MC
2:05-2:45 PM Eastern Time
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Media: Whose Voice Is It Anyway?

In a battle for ears and eyeballs, how does media, most especially "traditional media," cut through the clutter and win back people’s trust? With no barrier to entry, the opportunity to have a voice and exert sway over masses of followers is unlimited — and that has also opened up a Pandora’s box of angles, some unvetted, unsourced, and untrue. And as podcast listening continues to increase and attract major advertising dollars, how could its impact as a news source grow as well? It’s a fascinating conversation about media, content control, and why that matters to you and your business — whether you own, manage, or invest in audio today.

Juliet Huddy, co- host of WABC’s Curtis & Juliet, sits down with Megyn Kelly, host of the podcast The Megyn Kelly Show and well-known journalist, attorney, and best-selling author, to discuss the future of media.

Juliet Huddy


Megyn Kelly

Journalist, Podcaster, Author
2:40-3:20 PM Eastern Time

Prospects for Radio as an Investment in a COVID Environment

It's been a year of unprecedented challenges. For the radio industry at large. For investors who wonder if a 100-year-old medium can still be a good bet for the future and if so, how. Already faced with growing competition from pureplay digital platforms, the business of radio, like the rest of the world, was thrown into further chaos by a crisis of global scope. Will 2021 provide some light to the end of the pandemic? And with a contentious election in the rear view mirror, will a new administration change the landscape for the media business, especially radio? What might be on the horizon for radio as an investment? If our 2020 annual investment panel gave you pause for thoughtful consideration, this one will have you pondering the future in overdrive.

Moderator: Jessica Rosenthal

Partner, Wiley Law

Greg Guy

Managing Partner, Patrick Communications

Garret Komjathy

SVP/Media & Communications Group, U.S. Bank

Dr. Jeff Loucks

Executive Director, Deloitte Center for Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

Drew Marcus

Senior Advisor, Guggenheim Securities 
3:20-4 PM Eastern Time

Outlook for 2021: What 944 Local Radio Buyers Are Planning

COVID changed how radio buyers spent their marketing budgets. Will it be a springboard for more changes in 2021? Gordon Borrell looked into a recently completed survey of 944 radio buyers and saw some major trends — some good, some scary. His session will show what advertisers and agencies said they're planning to do with radio budgets in 2021, and unveil one big thing that's attracting radio buyers more than anything else.

Gordon Borrell

CEO, Borrell Associates
4-4:10 PM Eastern Time
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"Top 40" Presentation

4:10-5 PM Eastern Time

Executive Leadership Session

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Like every business and industry, radio took a hit to the gut that decimated advertising revenue, strained resources, shut down studios, and had staff scrambling to set up remote office locations in 2020. Everyone was impacted, but to leaders fell the greatest responsibility any had ever faced, making decisions they never before had to make. 

Moderator: Deborah Parenti

EVP/Publisher, Radio Ink

Caroline Beasley

CEO, Beasley Broadcast Group, LLC

Jesus Lara

President, Univision Radio

Ginny Morris

Chair/CEO, Hubbard Radio, LLC

Bill Wilson

CEO, Townsquare Media
5-5:05 PM Eastern Time











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