Forecast Exclusive: Marketing To Millennials

By September 23, 2019Updates

Forecast 2020 is proud to announce the addition of Matt Britton, one of the country’s leading experts on the new consumer (Gens Y & Z) and a consultant to over half of the Fortune 500 over the past two decades, to the agenda.

Matt will address the challenges and opportunities facing radio in the years ahead with a special presentation at Forecast, on November 20 at the Harvard Club in New York City.

Has Instagram Killed The Radio Star?

Television as we know it will soon be no longer, yet content is the new king of Silicon Valley, as evidenced by Apple’s recently announcing a $6 billion investment in original content. The radio industry is now experiencing a parallel disruption that will create both opportunities and challenges ahead.

  • How Gen Z’s audio consumption habits finally signal the end of Radio 1.0
  • Where advertisers will look next for critical mass
  • The role of celebrities and influencers across the spectrum
  • The massive impact of 5G on broadcast media
  • How the evolution of the television model is paving the way for a new era in radio

Matt Britton’s extensive background as a consumer trends expert has established him as a leading authority and sought-after speaker and lecturer on spotting and analyzing consumer marketing and branding trends.

In 2002 Matt founded MRY, a digital and social media marketing services agency, which he would grow from a one-person startup to a global powerhouse with over 500 employees. Over the course of Matt’s 14-year career at MRY, the agency helped prominent global corporations including Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Ford Motors, Visa, and Google develop innovative strategies and successfully launch products aimed at the Millennial generation. In 2011, MRY was acquired by the Publicis Groupe.

In 2016, Matt joined CrowdTap, a company he incubated and spun off from MRY in 2011, as CEO. Crowdtap, since renamed Suzy, is a consumer intelligence platform that is being touted as “Siri for brands.” Suzy helps companies like Netflix, Coca-Cola, P&G, J&J, Citibank, Verizon, Nintendo, and Nestle, among others, validate critical assumptions so they can focus on creating compelling new products and developing effective marketing strategies, and validate direct offers that increase conversion, improve path-to-purchase, and drive growth.

Matt Britton is just one example of the thought-provoking, forward-leaning visionaries you’ll hear only at Forecast 2020.

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