Why I’m Sick of “Outside the Box”

By November 2, 2017Updates

What It Really Means and Why We’re Not Doing It in Radio

Dear Fellow Radio Industry Professionals:

Did you know we don’t truly “think outside the box”?

That overused expression in its simplest form means to step outside of your world and try to see things from the perspective of someone NOT in your world.

Roy Williams said that rather than seeing the label from inside the bottle, we need to get outside the bottle and see ourselves as others do.

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sick of the phrase “out of the box.” Especially because it’s almost never possible.

No matter how hard you and I try to move “outside,” our personal filters make us look at things as they once were — and that means preconceptions we cannot overcome on our own.

The $100,000 Lesson

I learned an important lesson, and it has taken me years to fully understand it. Though it cost me $100,000, it has made me far more as a result of learning it.

The lesson came from a fellow by the name of Jay Abraham. He is the person billionaires turn to when they cannot get out of their own boxes. They pay him $100,000 a day for his time in hopes he will bring them a fresh perspective. People like Daymond John, Tony Robbins, and Peter Diamantis call on Jay for his advice.

It must work because they keep asking him back, in spite of the high price tag.

I met Jay at a mastermind group where I am a member. He spoke there as a favor to Brian Kurtz, who ran Bottom Line Publishing, which made millions off of Jay’s advice.

Playing with Billionaire Dollars

Following his talk I approached Jay and sheepishly said, “I know you work for billionaires, but what about a little guy like me? My business is under $10 million.”

Jay responded that I’d get equal or more value from our working together, and that for a mere $100,000, I could have a day of his time. “You can afford a $100,000 if it makes you millions, right? When do you want to start?”

Though I was not expecting this closing question, and though my mind was racing, I thought, “What do I have to lose?” He gave me a money-back guarantee if I did not feel his time was worth the money.

So we entered a relationship and have been working together for the last 12 months.

Here is the important lesson I learned…

No matter how much I thought I was a progressive, out-of-the-box thinker, I simply could not look at my world objectively. Opportunity was staring me in the face, and I could not even see it.

The result has been staggering. My business is now doing a lot of things differently, and the returns will make that $100,000 seem small.

What You Can’t See About Radio

Jay and I have talked a lot about radio, about what it is missing, and why its very survival will require radio managers and owners to try some new and different things.

Once I heard Jay’s take, I begged him to come to our Forecastconference at the Harvard Club in New York — it’s coming up on November 15. And, I asked him to bring one of his billionaire clients, Shark Tank’s Daymond John.

Fresh Approaches that Make You Money

Between the two, you’ll get a truly out-of-the-box experience. You’ll walk away with a pad full of ideas, which, if implemented, would make an investment of $100,000 seem small. Even though you’re not paying more than the cost of entry to the conference.

Plus you’ll receive all the annual industry forecasts about where business is going and what it means to you.

If you want to have the experience of hearing the billionaires’ consultant tell you what radio is missing, if you want to flood your brain with about 50 new ideas, any one of which could change your business and increase your revenues, then you need to be at Forecast, even if this is the only reason you’re coming.

I had to pull some strings to get Jay and Daymond, and this is not likely to ever be repeated. And it could be a seminal moment for radio. I guarantee you’ve not heard what Jay is about to say.

Forecast has one purpose … to make you money.

Frankly, as a fiduciary responsibility, every CEO, every chairman, every CFO, and every board member of any radio company should be present to hear this man speak. You owe it to your investors and shareholders. Hiding out in the office and thinking you know it all is going to make you miss opportunities.

Will you be there?
We’re having our most successful registration year ever, so tickets won’t last long. Book yours today.


Eric Rhoads
Founder, Radio Ink
Chairman, Streamline Publishing, Inc.


PS: You have my 100 percent money-back guarantee that if you don’t feel that Forecast has been worth at least twice the cost of admission in ideas, I’ll refund 100 percent of your registration fee.